3 strawberry towers adorned with chocolate dipped coloured strawberries and fresh Colombian roses sitting under some foliage

Strawberries and Co. is renowned for event styling and has elevated the art of celebrations to new heights through their exquisite touch and unparalleled creativity

Specialising in edible art, the team at Strawberries and Co. has mastered the craft of transforming events into visually stunning and delectable experiences. Their expertise lies in crafting dessert towers that not only serve as show-stopping centrepieces but also redefine the concept of designer desserts.

One of their signature offerings is the breathtaking strawberry towers, where plump and succulent strawberries are meticulously arranged into towering structures that captivate the eyes and tantalise the taste buds. These strawberry towers not only showcase the natural beauty of the fruit but also highlight the artistic finesse of the Strawberries and Co. team.

For those with a penchant for sophistication and a sweet tooth, the macaron towers curated by Strawberries and Co. are nothing short of masterpieces. Delicately crafted and flawlessly assembled, these towers showcase an array of vibrant macarons, each a miniature work of art. The combination of colours, flavours, and textures creates a stunning display that adds a touch of elegance to any event.

Doughnut towers, another hallmark of Strawberries and Co.'s repertoire, bring a playful and indulgent element to celebrations. These towers are a symphony of flavours and textures, featuring an assortment of glazed, sprinkled, and filled doughnuts stacked high to create a visually striking and utterly tempting display. Perfect for weddings, birthdays, or corporate events, the doughnut towers are a delightful addition that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

All of the dessert towers meticulously curated by Strawberries and Co. are a harmonious blend of edible art and culinary expertise, combining a variety of delectable treats into a towering display of sweetness. From the freshness of strawberries to the sophistication of macarons and the indulgence of doughnuts, each tower is a celebration of flavours and aesthetics.

Strawberries and Co. has not only mastered the art of event styling but has elevated it to a form of edible art. With their expertise in crafting strawberry towers, macaron towers, and doughnut towers, they continue to redefine the boundaries of dessert design, making every celebration a feast for the senses. When it comes to creating a memorable and visually stunning event, Strawberries and Co. stands as the epitome of innovation and indulgence in the world of edible art.

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